Artis WilsonWorship & Arts

As Elder of Worship, Artis is responsible for prayerfully designing and planning biblical and meaningful praise & worship songs that guide the church body into worship opportunities based on the person of GOD, to prepare the body for the Word of GOD. Worship Ministry meets every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.
As Elder of the Arts, Artis is responsible for overseeing the participation of the Arts Departments (i.e. The Messengers-Deaf Ministry; Exuberance-Praise Dancers; CBF Drama Dept.; & etc…) within the church body as well as other ministry opportunities outside the church. Meetings are scheduled for the Arts Ministry by the leader of each ministry on the basis of upcoming ministry events.
Artis is married to Tanya Wilson and have four children, Artis II, Jazz, Cameron, and TaQuan Wilson and one grandson, Aden Jackson Wilson.
Artis can be reached at

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