Front Door 2 Frontier

Missions and Outreach Ministry

The Foundation of our Prayer is:

The Front Door 2 Frontier (FD2F) Ministry team ultimately seeks the Lord for his name to be known among all people of the world.           
  • That the souls would be won to Christ, both locally and globally. Romans  10:1
  • That more workers will be mobilized and sent out for His global harvest. Matthew 9:36-38
  • That the church would be planted and established among the unreached of the world. Matthew 28:19-20
  • That Crossover would be sensitive to the Spirit in discerning opportunities for the gospel witness. 1 Corinthians 16:9
  • That missionaries who are currently on the field around the
    world would be strengthened and encouraged in the Lord. Colossians 4:12

Ministry Lead: Lloyd Chinn


The mission of the Front Door 2 Frontier ministry is to mobilize the Church to transform the world by establishing reproducing churches that bear the image of Christ.


The vision of the Front Door 2 Frontier Ministry at Crossover Bible Fellowship is the advancement of the Gospel to all peoples here in our community and abroad, resulting in global worship.

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Core Values

Mission of God:  The Front Door 2 Frontier Ministry team values God’s heart for the whole world. We want to be active participants in the planting of His church and the proclamation of the Gospel globally.

Transformation:  The Front Door 2 Frontier Ministry team values the transformation into Christ-likeness of the Crossover family, as well as all peoples of the world.

Love and Compassion: The Front Door 2 Frontier Ministry team values exercising the heart of Christ, by being involved in alleviating the suffering of hurting people, which includes meeting spiritual, physical, and educational needs.

Diversity: The Front Door 2 Frontier Ministry team values embracing discomfort so as to reach people groups worldwide with the Gospel.  We are responsible for appreciating the value of differences in the same way God does.  God created diversity and brings unity through the cross.  Likewise, we must be all things to all people.

Unity: Reconciliation is more than a disjointed piece of the Gospel package.  Reconciliation cannot be divorced from the Gospel.  The imperative to live as one body is enlivened and made possible by the Head, who is Christ, for our sake as partakers together in His blood, and for the sake of those who will come into relationship with this Christ. Teaching: Inform those who may never hear Jesus’ name and the gospel about salvation and bring them through the scripture in a comfortable environment.

Relationships: Build a relationship with our surrounding community and support those who may not be members of Crossover, but members of Christ  Connecting People with Purpose

B.R.I.D.G.E Consultation

A two day intensive learning and networking event designed to encourage collaborative partnerships among the African diaspora to further expand gospel movements in Africa and the world.

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