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At Crossover we recognize that we are the Church, the Body of Christ and the church is more than a building. We invite you to experience the work that God is doing in the lives of the local assembly and one way to do this is by building community and fellowship (John 17:21-23). We have a passion for teaching the Word of God and allow it to transform our lives


We believe communing with one another is one of the most important practices we can do to help each other grow, no one should walk out their faith alone and we invite you to connect with other people that can spur you onto maturity in the faith.
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Another way in which is God helps us to connect with others while representing him is by serving one another in love and good deeds. We employ the model of hear-heal-help: allow the Lord to transform your life and grow your faith by the hearing of the Word of God. As you continue to know God better and better He will heal you of those areas so that you can look more like Him. As you reflect God in your life you can share and help others by speaking the Word of God to them and share experiences of how the Lord restored you.

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