Meet the leaders who God has gifted to the body of Christ.



  • Craig Wright
    Craig Wright Facilities & Pastoral Care
  • Carlos Willis
    Carlos Willis Evangelism & Multimedia
  • Warren Williams
    Warren Williams Pastoral Care
  • Sandra Wright
    Sandra Wright Bereavement
  • Kenny Thomas
    Kenny Thomas Hospitals & Bereavement
  • Jonie Brooks
    Jonie Brooks Hospitals
  • Lolita Harris
    Lolita Harris Membership & Maturity
  • Tunesia Jackson
    Tunesia Jackson Care & Comfort
  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson Mature Adults
  • Shandrika May
    Shandrika May Wise Women Project (WWP)
  • Teresa Slaughter
    Teresa Slaughter Pastoral Care
  • Tonia Smith
    Tonia Smith Children
  • Crystal Sumpter
    Crystal Sumpter Worship & Arts
  • Paul Courtney
    Paul Courtney Family Life
  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris Hospitality/Food & Services & Events
  • Edward Jerome Johnson
    Edward Jerome Johnson Hospitality/Sanctuary & Events
  • Tommy Myles
    Tommy Myles Safety & Security
  • Terrance Slaughter
    Terrance Slaughter Pastoral Care
  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Youth & Regen Ministry

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