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Emmaus Experience Continues

The EMMAUS EXPERIENCE will continue Wednesday night at 7pm with Pastor Blake on “Christ Above All The Head of The Church – Colossians“. Please join us for this bible study of COLOSSIANS, all visitors are welcome!

Catch up on this series!

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  • Rev. Blake, I came across your site a couple of weeks back and began to listen to your Sunday messages as well as your Wed teaching. I have and continue to be thoroughly blessed by your competent insight, biblical scholarship, practical application and the down to earth relevant way you connect the the bible to lives of your audience. I will continue to listen weekly and enjoy the feast from the Crossover table. Soli Deo Gloria. BTW we have mutual friend Robert Triggs and we are connect on Facebook. God Bless you bruh. Andre Anderson
    Dallas, TX

    Andre Anderson
    July 6, 2011 at 9:18 pm