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Pathfinders of Crossover are mature  adults who are the trailblazers  of the church. Mature  adults are those who are between the ages of 55+ .  We have been on the  journey trusting God even when the path appeared full of uncertainties… together in discovering what God has called them to pursue, be passionate about, and are purposeful in the way they live for Christ in every area of life!

Ministry Lead: Elder Royce F. Robinson


The PathFinders mission is to teach sound doctrine and disciple the next generation with wisdom in love, according to our experiences and growth in the Word of God.


The PathFinders Ministry desires to touch and engage the 55+ community at Crossover Bible Fellowship while becoming actively involved in the overall ministry of the church

Core Values

  • To be Models for generations to come
  • To be Sound in Faith
  • To Teach What is Good and Train in Love
  • To be Sober Minded and Reverent in Behavior


Pathfinders Fun and Fellowship

Pathfinders Rodeo Round-up Social Highlights 2017

Self Defense Highlights May 2017

Community Outreach- Solana Preserve Visit Highlights May 2017

Pathfinders Hunger Awareness Highlights Jun 2017


Mature Adults serve is many areas of the church, not only that but we often get together to fellowship and help one another grow in the Lord.

Healthy Living

“The Path of better health is knowledge 

 Your Path to Wellness Starts Now!!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~World Health Organization

Wellness Team  Leader : Arthur & Carolyn Bell


  • Health and Wellness  Team Testimony

    “ Crossover Bible Fellowship Pathfinders   Health and Wellness Team  is a light in a dark confusing world of sickness. We teach about health and healing the way God intended. We were created in His image; not created to be sick."

      Team leader-

    Health and Wellness -Arthur & Carolyn Bell
  • Special Events Team Testimony
    “ I  have so many things to be grateful for.. God was and still is a comforter that gives me strength when needed…(He’s an On Time God)… I didn’t realize the Lord was preparing me for an unexpected journey in my life.  I was able to mentally and physically take care of my husband through his chronic illness.  Not knowing that I would be a widow at such an early age. The Lord called my husband home after 34 years of marriage. Through His Grace and Mercy I’m still standing and able to share how God has delivered me  through heartache,loneliness and pain.  Prayerfully Submitted:  Member -Joan Henderson    

    Special Events Team Leaders- Hayward & Shirley Truby -Joan Henderson
  • Social Media and Marketing  Team Testimony
    "I grew up knowing about Christ at a young age, however I didn't know the true significance of Christ until later in life; that's when I begin to see Jesus and my relationship with Him grew in a whole different.  I'm assured that  truly believing and accepting the death, burial, and resurrection has set me free!!! 1Cor.1:1-4.  The Lord is the light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? Psalm 27:1a.  I can truly attest to this particular scripture, because of how He enormously blessed my premature 2nd daughter being born at twenty six weeks, and healing me through two diagnoses of breast cancer in 2004 and 2016.  Through it all God is still and always worthy to be praised!!   "Mrs. Denise Zenon  

    Social Media and Marketing Team Leaders -Derreck & Denise Zenon
  •  Spiritual Enrichment Team Testimony
    I'm so grateful for God placing me under the covering of Crossover Bible Fellowship . Summer of 2014:   I was  held hostage to the Spirit of Rejection ;  My deliverance came  during my prayer time.. I lay wailing on my floor reflecting the how, when and of course Why!!..  Spirit of God spoke softly,  I love you unconditionally, I need you to love, dream, breathe and hope again.. release me ...I live that you may live.. You are worth fighting for my daughter . Finally spirit of rejection has been destroyed. .not saying rejection from others won't manifest but it has no power to hold me hostage. You can be made free , own your flutes and your past.  Be made whole from within and you are alive with the Great I Am living inside .. He is faithful to his word .  Psalm 142:7 Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for thou shalt deal bountifully with me.   Member -A.Justice    

    Spiritual Enrichment- Team Leader- Henrinne McCullum

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