12332 Perry Road, Houston, TX 77070 Worship Times: Sundays @ 8:30AM & 10:30AM // Wednesdays @7PM

Life On Life Ministry

lifeonlife-tealLifeOnLife values young adults and their relationship developing with God through faithfulness, diligence, and discipline. We believe as their relationship is developing, they will be committed to the work of God, impacting their home, church, community and world as they are called to do.

LifeOnLife is designed to serve and develop young adults to grow and mature spiritually throughout their relationship with God as young men and women, in their single life, married life, or student life.  As a result they will be educated and strengthened in the different areas of their lives, as they follow Christ.

LifeOnLife envisions that young adults will understand the will of God for their lives and began to lead a life that will bring glory to Him.

LifeOnLife will provide Fellowship, Spiritual Growth, and Genuine Ministry.

LifeOnLife will host topical summits and events for the church and community on the awareness of issues that occurs worldwide concerning young adults.

LifeOnLife will be proactive in serving the church and the community in creative and innovative ways in the areas of outreach, volunteering, and mentoring.

LifeOnLife will exercise love, honor, and humility in every area of their lives while exercising good deeds.

For more information please contact lifeonlife@crossoverbf.com