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Children’s Ministry

The vision for the Crossover Children’s ministry is that the children that come through the ministry will gain a foundational Bible knowledge that will further draw them into the Word. Also, the children will, through this foundational knowledge, understand the doctrine of salvation. The children’s instruction will be threefold: HEAD/HEART/HANDS (or, body/mind/spirit). Our prototype in this vision is Christ himself, who, by age 12 had an extraordinary knowledge of scripture.

The Children’s Ministry, through the care, nurturing and teaching of God’s word, will faithfully serve:
1) God
2) The Crossover Family
3) The Community

The Children’s Ministry will be devoted to building a bond of trust between the ministry facilitators, workers, the parents and the children.

For more information please contact childrensministry@crossoverbf.com

Psalm 144:12