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Crossed Over Kids Baptism Policy

Crossed Over Kids Ministry policy on baptism has a systematic flow to ensure that kids have an authentic and personal encounter with Jesus. Our policy for baptism is as follows:
(1) The child must have celebrated their 7th birthday
(2) Must attend one mini-message presentation of the gospel which happens on every 1st Sunday. The child then must express a personal desire to know Christ verbally or in written form.
(3) Then the Crossed Over Kids Leadership team will recommend the child for Kids New Life class
(4) After this a Kids New Life representative and a Crossed Over Kids representative will do an informal evaluation of the child’s mindset regarding the gospel.

If both representatives discern that the child exhibits a personal internal conviction and verbally communicates faith in Christ alone as their Savior, we then move on forward with baptism. A child can attend a Kids New Life Class more than once if they need more clarity regarding the gospel. The policy described above helps us to ensure adequate maturity and a genuine understanding of the gospel.

Kids New Life Class

All children making a public profession of faith or desiring baptism will be asked and encouraged to attend Kids New Life class prior to being baptized. This class will be offered on 2nd Sundays based on the number of kids recommended. A parent needs to attend this session with their child.

Kids New Life Class is not a baptism class but a class specifically tailored to reach kids with the gospel of Christ in an engaging and relevant fashion. The age required for attendance of this class is from 7 yrs old up to 12 yrs old. Also a child is not automatically baptized due to attending a Kids New Life class, please view our policy on Baptism.

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